The Gaus Collection, in memory of Professor John Gaus, contains modern British and American poetry, literary studies, and books on the art of creative writing.

The collection is located in the center area of the third floor of College Library.

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Creative Writing Program Contests

The Creative Writing program at UW-Madison awards approximately $15,000 each year.

University of Wisconsin Press

The University of Wisconsin Presss awards the Brittingham Prize in Poetry and the Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry.


Illumination: The Undergraduate Journal of Humanities

Published semesterly, Illumination provides the undergraduate student body with an opportunity to publish their work.


The Madison Review

The Madison Review is an independent literary arts journal published through the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Published semiannually, each issue contains previously unpublished fiction, poetry, and art as well as interviews with well-known writers. 


Wisconsin Poetry

Madison Poetry

A listing of poetry, events, information & resources for Madison, Wisconsin and environs.

Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets

An organization of men and women who are interested in poetry, who write poetry and/or who are willing to work to make Wisconsin poetry conscious and conscious of its own poets; the organization is formed exclusively for literary and scientific purposes.

Academy of American Poets

The Academy provides a foundation for the appreciation of contemporary poetry. Includes an index of the poets who are featured on the site with biographical information, photos, and poems. The Calendar of Events section provides information on national and regional poetry events.

Electronic Poetry Center

A gateway to resources in electronic poetry and poetics, the EPC aims to make available resources centered on digital and contemporary formally innovative poetries, new media writing, and literary programming.

Famous Poets and Poems

A large collection of poems and quotes from over 625 poets.

Glossary of Poetic Terms

An extensive glossary of poetry terms compiled from different literary sources.

The Internet Poetry Archive

Includes the work of living poets from around the world. Each entry includes audio clips, photographs, and a biography of the poet.

Modern American Poetry

An online journal and multimedia companion to Anthology of Modern American Poetry.

Poem Hunter

A poetry search engine.

The Poetry Archive

Free collection of recordings of poets reading their work.

The Poetry Kit

An electronic magazine that containing articles, reviews, and letters pertaining to poetry.

The Poetry Society of America

Founded in 1910, the PSA is a community of poets and reader. The PSA sponsors awards, events, and chapbook contests.

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Collins, Caroline,
Call No: PS3603 O4528 P7 2014
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Transport of the aim : a garland of poems on the lives of Emily Dickinson, Thomas Wentworht Higginson, and Celia Thaxter
Silverman, Maxine,
Call No: PS3569 I47213 T73 2013
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Lemon bars of Parnassus
Kisling, Lee R.,
Call No: PS3611 I85 L46 2013
Find in the Library Catalog
Lottery ticket
Jordan, Heather Bryant
Call No: PS3610 O65558 L6 2013
Find in the Library Catalog
Small, imperfect paradise : poetry
Crow, Dallas,
Call No: PS3603 R69 S63 2013
Find in the Library Catalog
Fearing water : poetry
Saiser, Marjorie.
Call No: PS3569 A4543 B47 2013
Find in the Library Catalog
Lawyer who died in the courthouse bathroom
Erickson, Thomas J.
Call No: PS3605 R548 L39 2013
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Shimoda, Brandon.
Call No: PS3619 H573 P67 2013
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Mississippi book of the dead
Young, Timothy
Call No: PS3625 O97338 M57 2013
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Vectors : j.robert oppenheimer : the years before the bomb : poetry
Cherry, Kelly.
Call No: PS3553 H357 V43 2012
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Ekaterinoslav : one family's passage to America : a memoir in verse
Yolen, Jane.
Call No: PS3575 O43 Z46 2012
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Green is for world : poems
Leslie, Juliana.
Call No: PS3612 E77 G74 2012
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Charms against lightning
Arthur, James
Call No: PS3601 R7634 C47 2012
Find in the Library Catalog
Beauty is a verb : the new poetry of disability
Call No: PS591 D57 B43 2011
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American bruise : poetry
Abel, L. Ward.
Call No: PS3601 B45 A75 2012
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When my brother was an Aztec
Diaz, Natalie.
Call No: PS3604 I186 W47 2012
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Thrall : poems
Trethewey, Natasha D.
Call No: PS3570 R433 T47 2012
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Sudden dog : poems
Pennock, Matthew
Call No: PS3616 E566 S83 2012
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Stag's leap
Olds, Sharon.
Call No: PS3565 L34 S73 2012
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Selvage : poems
Gregerson, Linda.
Call No: PS3557 R425 S45 2012
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Orphan hours : poems
Plumly, Stanley.
Call No: PS3566 L78 O76 2012
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Open door : one hundred poems, one hundred years of Poetry magazine
Call No: PS613 O64 2012
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My name on his tongue : poems
Halaby, Laila.
Call No: PS3608 A5455 M9 2012
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Mother desert : poems
Sarzotti, Jo Ellen
Call No: PS3619 A769 M68 2012
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In beauty bright
Stern, Gerald
Call No: PS3569 T3888 I53 2012
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